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Membership with the Melville Chamber of Commerce provides ample opportunities for networking with   other business professionals through a broad range of programs and events.

Mission, Board of Directors & Staff

The Melville-East Farmingdale Chamber of Commerce was incorporated in 2002 and is currently operating under the DBA Melville Chamber of Commerce. Our mission is to promote economic and business development throughout our area in a coordinated effort of business, available resources within our community and the Chamber. The membership will be instrumental in our efforts to benefit each other’s business and community goals through advocacy, participation and education.

The Melville Chamber of Commerce will provide networking opportunities, business to business services and many other programs to create and stimulate business opportunities. The Chamber will foster a stronger and more vital business environment not only in our area but throughout Long Island. We will work together with our business leaders, community leaders, professional leaders, and our Elected Officials to continue to improve the quality of life for both our business community and our residents.

My take: You might chuckle, but becoming a member of Melville Chamber of Commerce truly provides intriguing avenues for networking. In fact, during one meeting, I found myself deep in conversation with a fellow restaurant owner. We veered off into a discussion about our respective challenges, a discussion that unexpectedly led us to contemplate the philosophical concept of "nothing". This concept might seem esoteric, yet it has its practical implications. We all seek something in our professional lives, but have you ever stopped to consider the role of "nothing" in your business? Intrigued by our exchange, I found myself digging deeper into the notion later that day. On, there's an intriguing post entitled "The Philosophy of Nothing," which explores the science and philosophy behind the concept of "nothing" - from the void of space to the abstract absence in our everyday lives. Inspired by the insights from the post, I invited the other business owner to a meal, a conversation that wouldn't be centered around our daily needs but rather the fascinating concept of "nothing". The dinner became an engaging exchange, and our friendship deepened. I credit this serendipitous conversation to the Melville Chamber of Commerce meeting. It's not often we have the chance to explore profound topics such as these amidst our routine business interactions.

Board of Directors

Jim Tsunis - Honorary Board Member
Sr. L.I. Economic Redevelopment

Mark J. Catapano - Chairman of the Board
Catapano Engineering, P.C.

Michael Deluise - President
Dowling College

William Lindsay - Vice President
Kinloch Consulting Group, Inc.

Joe Kraker - Secretary
Catapano Engineering, P.C

Jerome Hehir -Treasurer
Holtz Rubenstein Reminick

K. Joy Chin
Jackson Lewis LLP

Michael Weisbrod
Capital One Bank

Chamber Staff

Ted Macaluso - Executive Director

Sofia Wedderburn - Membership Coordinator/Services

Roger Pinto - Raymond James  - Membership Coordinator



Young Professionals Group (YPG)


• Create networking opportunities
• Provide opportunities for educational and professional development
• Build awareness of governmental process and issues
• Provide an outlet for volunteer information and opportunities
• Provide understanding of the community
• Create and cultivate our future leaders
• Work to keep our young professionals in our community
• Foster economic development
• Contribute to and enrich the community

If you wish to get involved with the "Young professionals Group" (YPG) please contact chairperson
Michele Michael at or our office for additional information.


** Next Melville YPG Committee Mtg: check back for place and time

Committee Meetings always the first Wed of the month at 8am. Locations to be determined at the next mtg. Consider having a mtg at your location to get people more familiar with your company.


April 7th

May 5th

June 2nd

July 7th

August 4th

September 1st

October 6th

November 3rd

December 1st


The Melville Chamber Community Journal

In the Winter 2010, The Melville Chamber of Commerce will be launching it's very own Community Journal. This publication will be full of Editorial, Community News, Calendar of Events, Guide to the Community and more. To help guide us with this launch, the Chamber has partnered with All Island Media, the publisher of Town Crier, Pennysaver and Long Island Trends.

Member-to-Member Discount Program
The Member-to-Member Program is available exclusively to Chamber Members. This program has been designed as a valuable incentive to enable members to do business with each other. The program allows each participating member to establish the level of discount they wish to extend to all Chamber members when purchasing their products and services. We believe economic incentive programs such as our Member-to-Member Discount Program assist in generating business opportunities for our members.

Member Referral Program

Welcome to Member Referral! This program is a great opportunity to help grow your chamber and your business! We value your membership and would appreciate your help to grow the Chamber of Commerce. A growing membership strengthens the organization's impact as it advocates on issues of importance to business. This is a year-around program where you can provide referrals and earn a cash reward.

Member Spotlight of the Month
Business Spotlight - The Business Spotlight is an opportunity for Chamber Members to be highlighted monthly on our website and E-News.

Promoting Member Events
If you are a chamber member and wish to promote your upcoming event, please submit your information and e-mail to:



Facts About Our Towns

Learn about our towns - population, housing, income and much more...

Melville 11747
Farmingdale 11735
Huntington Station 11746
West Babylon 11704

MELVILLE - 11747

Population (year 2000): 14,533
Males: 7,066 (48.6%),
Females: 7,467 (51.4%)
Zip codes: 11747
Median resident age: 39.1 years
Median household income: $92,527 (year 2000)
Median house value: $336,800 (year 2000)
Races in Melville

  • White Non-Hispanic (87.5%)
  • Hispanic (3.7%)
  • Asian Indian (2.1%)
  • Black (2.1%)
  • Chinese (1.5%)
  • Two or more races (1.4%)
  • Other race (1.0%)




Population (year 2000): 8,399.
Estimated population in July 2005:
8,668 (+3.2% change)
Males: 4,097 (48.8%),
Females:4,302 (51.2%)
Zip codes: 11735
Median resident age: 37.9 years

Median household income: $58,411 (year 2000)
Median house value: $212,000 (year 2000)
Races in Farmingdale:

  • White Non-Hispanic (80.8%)
  • Hispanic (12.6%)
  • Other race (5.1%)
  • Two or more races (2.4%)
  • Asian Indian (1.7%)
  • Black (1.6%)
  • Chinese (1.0%)




Population (year 2000): 29,910
Males: 14,966 (50.0%),
Females: 22,689 (52.2%)
Zip codes: 11746
Median resident age: 34.7 years
Median household income:
$61,760 (year 2000)
 Median house value: $183,100 (year 2000)
Races in Farmingdale:

  • White Non-Hispanic (60.8%)
  • Hispanic (22.7%)
  • Black (11.6%)
  • Other race (10.0%)
  • Two or more races (3.4%)
  • Asian Indian (0.9%)
  • American Indian (0.8%)
  • Chinese (0.8%)
  • Other Asian (0.6%)




Population (year 2000): 43,452.
Males: 20,763 (47.8%),
Females: 22,689 (52.2%)
Zip codes: 11704
Median resident age: 36.5 years
Median household income:
$60,862 (year 2000)

Median house value: $164,600 (year 2000)
Races in Farmingdale:

  • White Non-Hispanic (78.8%)
  • Black (10.3%)
  • Hispanic (7.7%)
  • Other race (2.0%)
  • Two or more races (1.8%)
  • American Indian (0.6%)
  • Asian Indian (0.5%)




PAST EVENTS 2009 - 2011

We would like to acknowledge and thank volunteer Mark Oshinsky from Public Eye Photography for his help taking photos.

Corporate Challenge 2011 - June 22, 2011
Charity Event - "The Hunt" - September 24, 2011
Charity Event - "The Hunt" - September 25, 2010
Charity Event - "National Salvation Army Week"  5-9-11 through 5-13-11
Canon Groundbreaking - May 3, 2010
Canon "Topping" Ceremony- May 12, 2011
Business Expo '11
October 25, 2011
"Make It Happen"
Business Expo '10
October 20, 2010
Business Expo '09
Business Expo '08
Welcome to the New Year Celebration and
Businesses of the Year for 2011 - 1-18-12
Welcome to the New Year Celebration and
Businesses of the Year for 2010 - 1-19-11
Welcome to the New Year Celebration and
Businesses of the Year for 2009 - 1-14-10
Welcome to the New Year Celebration and
Businesses of the Year for 2008 - 1-14-09
Inaugural Golf Outing 6-30-08
Golf Outing Honoring Mark Catapano, Melville Chamber Chairman 5-19-11
Ribbon Cutting Celebrations
New Member Orientation